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Company Profile

We Start Since in 1975

Lotus Lingga Pratama is headquartered in Bandung, Indonesia with its production unit on site within reach all over Indonesia. Numerous developments to this thriving, privately-owned business throughout the span of four decades have enabled the company to expand its capacity incrementally, and also to widen its market base immensely.

As of today, Lotus Lingga Pratama is widely known nationwide as a prominent player in the gold jewelry industry. As a leading producer of gold jewelry, we have a prestigious reputation in maintaining the quality of our products and the accuracy of their gold content at the highest standard.

At Lotus Lingga Pratama, we endlessly strive for innovation, quality, and efficiency to always compete on today’s challenging markets. And by always adapting to the latest developments in the market for gold jewelry, we are determined to be the market leader in global scene by expanding our market share and scope.

Lotus Lingga Pratama is a globally-oriented company whose export markets include various countries in Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. We are a registered member of Asosiasi Pengusaha Emas dan Permata Indonesia (APEPI). At the moment LLP is adopting the Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2015



To become the most leading and reputable gold jewelry company in Indonesia in terms of designs, gold content, and quality with international working standard.


  • To create a competent human resources team
  • To create innovative designs
  • To expand the market share by increasing customer’s satisfaction and maintaining customer’s loyalty
  • To establish a recognizable international management system
  • To increase efficiency and effectiveness of working standard in order to maximise profitability.

Our Values


Transparency is the core values of our company and we emphasize to openness in any circumstances that may occur.


Doing things with the right attitude is the key to success.


Never work for rewards but strive for excellence and rewards will follow.


In today’s fast-paced global economy, change is constant and innovation is critical to a company’s survival. We set our sights on the future, anticipating market needs and demands so we can steer our company toward long-term success.


This means we deliver more values than expected to customers. We are commited to provide better service and always maintaining our product quality.